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Eye Care Services for Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg, NC

Our optometrist, Dr. Michael J. Ennis, is proud to provide eye care services ranging from eye exams to eyeglasses to our soldiers and service people serving at Fort Bragg. According to Wikipedia, Ft. Bragg is the largest military base in the world (by population) with more than 50,000 active duty personnel. With an airforce base, airforce school, special operational forces and the US Army Reserve Command all stationed here they are a great source of pride to the entire Fayetteville area.

Established in 1918, Fort Bragg underwent a lot of changes during the early years. By 1922 the army base received the status of a permanent Army post. It continued to grow at a steady pace until World War II when it reached its peak in population numbers. Since then, it has continued to be an active base participating in many missions to the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Eye Exams for Army Personnel

Dr. Ennis has practiced optometry in the Fayetteville and Ft. Bragg area for over 27 years. He is attune to the needs of the soldiers and staff at Fort Bragg. Providing comprehensive eye exams, management of eye diseases, dry eye treatment and much more, it is worth a short drive off the base.

Additionally, Advanced Eye Care has a fully stocked optical that includes specialty eyewear, eyeglasses, contact lenses, lens treatments and more. Call our office to set up your exam, today!

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